Fixed-base operators are the gold standards of air travel. It allows passengers to have maximum privacy and comfort on their flights. It also provides several services to ensure passengers and pilots have the most seamless and stress-free flying experience possible.

If you are a private jet traveler looking for a luxurious flying service, there are many advantages airport FBOs have to offer for your flying needs. Passengers love the fast and personalized experience when traveling with FBOs because of their top-tier amenities, customer service, and flight crews, providing the most comfortable and convenient flights in your travel time.

Check out some of the benefits you can get from FBOs.


More Private and Laid-Back Experience

As you wait for your flight on your private jet, FBOs offer a more discreet experience. Since FBOs are exclusive, there are no long waiting lines or crowds of people when you enter the airport. FBO is the best option for you if you are a stress-free passenger. They even allow passengers to drive straight up to their plane and board without waiting in a facility.


Great Customer Service

Top-level customer service is expected when flying with an FBO. They ensure that all questions will be answered, and the FBO staff can often help you charter future flights. The passengers also have the chance to meet their pilot and co-pilot before the flight. All the crews of the FBO can handle and meet all your expectations and sometimes can exceed them all.


Exceptional Amenities

There were exceptional amenities an FBO has to offer, which is why passengers keep coming back to them. Standard conveniences include restrooms, coffee, soda, Wi-Fi, and lounges. Larger FBOs can also provide travelers with conference rooms for business meetings and restaurants for hungry passengers. These FBOs often come with luxury concierge services like hotel bookings and car rentals. They also offer showers for those passengers who need to freshen up before and after their flight. Some FBOs also have a game room to entertain passengers waiting for their flight.


Fast Boarding and Check-in Process

When flying with an FBO, you do not have to go through bag searches or personal screenings like you would if flying via a commercial terminal; instead, you only need to show your ID to a pilot or another staff member before boarding. It is also common for passengers to have a few minutes of waiting time at an FBO before boarding and taking off than the usual hours of waiting before the plane’s arrival on a commercial flight.


Experienced Flight Crews

FBOs hires experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable crews who know how to make everything comfortable on your flight to make your flying experience remarkable. They are always ready to provide you with the usual amenities, such as food and drinks. Unlike busier on commercial flights, private flight crews will only focus solely on a passenger, providing all his needs and making his flight experience as comfortable as possible.


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