For many people, taking a private jet for their next vacation is simply out of their budget. However, you should ask important questions before booking a private jet to ensure you get the most for your money.


Who can book a private jet


Anyone can book a private jet for their next vacation, whether they are an experienced traveler or a first-time flyer. Many companies offer private jet services, and many have online booking systems. That make it easy to get started. When you book a private jet, you typically work with a travel agent or broker who can help you select the right aircraft and schedule your flights. You will also need to provide basic information about your trips, such as your travel dates, destination, and the number of passengers.


Do you need to charter a private jet?


One of the things to consider when booking a private jet for your next vacation is whether or not you need to charter a private jet. If you’re flying to a remote location or luxury a private jet offers, it’s worth considering. However, if you’re flying to a more accessible destination, then chartering a private jet may not be necessary. Weigh your options and decide what’s best for you and your vacation.


Questions to ask before hiring a private aircraft


Private jets offer luxury, comfort, and convenience unmatched by any other form of travel. When booking private jet for your next vacation, there are few crucial questions to ask to ensure the best possible experience. 

Does the aircraft use an AOC or a fractional ownership model for operation?


For an aircraft operator to openly offer commercial aviation services, they must have an AOC or Air Operator Certificate. To get to your destination, you, the passenger, rent the aircraft.


It is a private business that uses the fractional ownership model. A manager or agent handling the fractionally owned aircraft of all co-owners is under contract with the client or passenger.

These managers or agents also handle the aircraft’s management and flight running. Alternative aircraft are often equally available on demand in most fractional ownership models.

How much experience does the crew have?


In addition to rules, private jet businesses have varied requirements for the requisite crew and pilot expertise. All pilots at Fly Aeolus must meet the same minimum standards. For instance, a pilot must have a minimum of 500 hours of flight experience, of which 200 must be in single-piston aircraft. He must have previous experience with our Cirrus SR22 aircraft and operations similar to ours.

Will another aircraft or other transportation if the plane experiences a technical problem?


Aircraft are sophisticated technological devices. There is always a potential that issues with the plane could develop before takeoff, preventing the plane from taking off. Suppose you take a flight with a standard airline. In that case, you are entitled to a replacement flight, a complete refund of your ticket, and compensation. Most likely following lengthy lines and negotiations. As you would understand, this is not advantageous to you now.

How long will you hold onto me without charging me if I am late?


Your private plane is waiting for you, in contrast to commercial carriers. There is always a chance that a scheduled meeting will go on longer than expected, that a vacation will be so breathtaking that you will want to linger a little longer at your destination, or that you will be late for your flight.


While your pilot waits for you, we always advise keeping him informed. Remember that you will typically have to pay extra waiting time if there is a delay of more than one hour.

When will you contact me if the plane is delayed?


Weather-related delays or technical problems might cause aircraft to arrive late.

Every company will have a distinct delay update policy. A 24-hour update with all the pertinent information will be sent to you if you book a private jet with us as quickly as possible if issues arise at short notice.


Take away


In the US alone, there are more than 2,500 air charter companies, and there are thousands more all over the world. There are probably a number of them operating at a local airport close to where you are. Mostly, they are ready to offer on-demand private air transport for both business and leisure journeys. But how can you tell if the charter company employs a qualified crew or if it can adapt to last-minute route changes? Ask questions about safety, insurance, and customer service before signing a contract. This is with a charter operator or broker to ensure you’re getting the service you require.


Book a flight with us here at Jetonset, and we guarantee a safe and quality experience. Talk to us today!