As private jet travel becomes more affordable and on-demand today, many fliers switch from commercial services to this service. With more first-time fliers heading into the skies, travelers need to know what to expect and how to behave on a private plane. Here are some tips you might consider when choosing a private jet on your next trip.


Understanding the Parking Etiquette

When you charter a private jet, you can typically drive right up to the aircraft so you can easily load your luggage and board, with your car being parked or stored until the day you return. However, Denise Wilson, founder, president, and CEO of Desert Jet shared this etiquette with everyone “Set your wheels opposite the aircraft, set the car in park, and set the parking brake to prevent it from rolling into the airplane. I’ve witnessed once a driver exit the car and start rolling slowly towards the aircraft.”


Limit your Luggage

You may think that because it’s a private plane and you’re spending more for a flight experience, you can bring more of your things, but this is not the case. It is explained that many jets have luggage limits due to the size of the luggage compartment door or restrictions on weight due to the number of passengers or how much fuel is required for the flight. Most small jets fit about seven roll-aboard suitcases, similar to a commercial plane’s carry-on bags. It is also said that it is helpful to bring soft bags to help alleviate issues with the odd shapes of aircraft baggage compartments. Soft bags will give you the best chance of preventing any of your bags from having to be shipped to your destination.


Avoid the Red Wine

There is no need to sneak alcohol onto a private jet as this is a legal move to bring your booze on board. However, the FAA rule states that alcohol must be served only by the flight crew. It is also said that red wine must be avoided due to possible spills it may cause during turbulences and may cause high costs when replacing components and interiors that become stained.


Identification is still needed.

One of the perks of flying privately is that you won’t need to wait in a TSA security line or adhere to liquid restrictions. However, you still need an ID to board. Do not worry much; a driver’s license works for domestic flights, while a passport is considered good for international travel.


Know that there is only one assigned seat

Private fliers haven’t assigned seats, but they can’t completely sit wherever they want. The only one with an assigned seat is the owner or the person paying for the trip. After this person chooses where they will seat, the guests will have their turns choosing theirs.


Tipping your Pilot is a sign of Courtesy.

There are many differences between private and commercial pilots, especially in their earnings. Private pilots don’t earn that much compared to commercial pilots. These private pilots also load the bags, clean the plane, and spend considerable time planning all aspects of your flight. If you’re satisfied and happy with their service offering them a tip is a nice gesture.


Your Departure Time is Flexible

Running late? If there’s an emergency, you can reschedule your flight schedule as easily as possible. On the other hand, if you do not want to be late for your supposed appointment, you can schedule an hour earlier for your travel time.


It’s Best to Book in Advance

Most private jets can be booked on the day of your flight, but this doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the jet you want. In some private jet charters, clients can be booked within 12 hours of their desired departure time, giving the company more time to work with means more choice in aircraft, the most important part of the experience.


Dress Appropriately

There isn’t a proper dress code in private flying. You must dress appropriately as you represent your host in a certain way as a guest. It is suggested that wearing business or casual attire is the most appropriate dress code for situations like this.


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