Are you curious about the luxurious world of private aviation? Flying on a private jet offers an exclusive experience like no other. The red carpet treatment and unparalleled level of comfort are just a few of the many benefits that come with booking a private jet charter.

While it may come with a high cost, the freedom and flexibility it offers is worth it. Your journey will be safe, comfortable, and tailored specifically to your needs. Come explore the world of private aircraft with us as we learn what it’s like to travel in style.


What to Expect When You Fly Private

When you fly private, you will enjoy the best air travel experience. You can look forward to no security lines, no baggage check-in, and no waiting around at the terminal. You will experience comfort, privacy, and the ability to fly on your own schedule. Flying private means having your flight and travel tailored to your needs, be it for efficiency or luxury. Here are what to expect when you fly private:


Exceeding First Class standards

The superiority of first-class over economy flights is widely accepted, yet it falls short compared to private jet travel. When you opt for a private jet, you have complete control over your schedule and travel experience. The private jet company will tailor the flight to meet your exact needs, from flight planning to customize your food and beverage choices.


Speedy Arrival

booking a private jet

Private jets offer a more efficient and smoother flying experience compared to commercial flights. This is due to shorter check-in and tarmac times, as well as the ability to drive up to the plane at a private airport, reducing the time needed for your flight. This makes private jets ideal for busy executives, who save time and avoid long wait times at commercial airports.


Exclusive Aircraft Seating

Private jets provide a luxurious in-flight experience with comfortable leather seats and ample legroom. The seats can be customized to meet individual needs, such as a deep-recline for sleeping or facing seats that form a bed. The flexibility to request a seating area for a business meeting or leisure activity like a poker game enhances the overall private jet experience.


Skilled Private Jet Flight Personnel

Both private and commercial pilots must meet professional standards set by the US government. Private jet pilots have a high level of expertise, being attached to a specific aircraft, and can provide a safe and comfortable flight. A private jet crew typically includes a pilot, co-pilot, and flight attendant, but additional crew or special personnel such as a bartender or secretary can be requested. The flight company can provide a crew that fits your needs, based on your objectives.



Private flights have no baggage restrictions, but the amount of luggage is limited by the size of the aircraft. If you need to bring large equipment or items, it is important to notify the flight company. Firearms can also be carried on private flights, but must be unloaded and given to the flight attendant for safekeeping during the flight.


Culinary and Beverage Options

Private charter jets offer flexibility in food and drink options. Caterers provide a wide range of menu options, including special diets or all organic ingredients. You can also request food from local restaurants for your luxury flight. Drink options are also customizable and can be arranged based on your preferences by informing the flight crew.



Private charter jets can provide in-flight entertainment upon request. This includes music, live entertainment, games, and more. Simply inform the jet company of your entertainment preferences before your flight.


Key Takeaway

Private jet experience offers luxury, efficiency, and flexibility in travel. With comfortable seats, ample legroom, customizable food and drink options, and the ability to request entertainment and special personnel, private jets provide a tailored and convenient way to fly.

Flying private allows you to customize your flight experience according to your preferences. You set the standards for your private flight, and JetOnSet is available to schedule your next private charter jet.