Ever dreamed of flying without any delays or hours of waiting at boarding gates? Traveling on a private jet is the best manifestation of this dream of yours! It may sometimes be expensive, but few people choose this option without hesitation because of the convenience this mode of transportation brings to someone’s life. Here are why most people choose to travel on a private jet rather than boarding a larger aircraft.


You can fly and land whenever you’re ready

Flexibility for private jet passengers is maximized. When something comes up to your destination, you can reroute easily to an alternative destination. Takeoff and landing hours can also be rescheduled at short notice to suit unexpected longer meetings and accommodate the possibility of changing plans.

Also, flying on a private jet lessens the risk of flight disruptions caused by strikes and ensures a smoother boarding procedure and faster journey. It lands in a private jet terminal where passengers are welcomed by desk officers who offer coffee and magazines as they wait not long enough in their lounge.

Of course, once the jet hits the tarmac, a ride waits for the passengers! Not just an ordinary one, but a limousine, a taxi, or a helicopter that will accompany them to their next destination.


You travel safely and sound

Traveling on a private jet offers privacy and confidentiality. This kind of travel offers a place where you can encourage concentration and discussion of private conversations, especially when traveling as a team.

Moreover, security staff from private jet terminals follow a standard procedure to avoid asking passengers intrusive questions. They do not have to station in crowded places, which are more likely to become the target of terrorist attacks.


You have more time for yourself and your family

Every trip on a private jet gives you up to 2 hours of time savings, allowing you to travel faster and safer and helping you achieve a healthier work-life balance. This can help you work really hard but at the same time can help you have more time for yourself and your family, which is the primary reason you are working hard.


You can contribute to economic growth

There were territories where commercial airlines were prohibited because their aircraft were not fit for the airports, especially the larger ones. Still, because it has a smaller body, a private jet can reach any territory, benefiting the economy. How? By multiplying connections between territories, thanks to a broader network than commercial airlines, the private jet industry plays a strategic role in spreading growth from regions of different socio-economic statuses.


You will experience quality service

Riding a private jet provides luxury furnishings, plenty of space, individualized attention, and of course, your foods and drinks can be ordered ahead of time. Because you are traveling exclusively, all the attention and services will only be given to you, your colleagues, family, and friends.


A stress-free travel

Long lines at the airport? Tons of people waiting at boarding gates? You will not face this scene when traveling privately on a jet! Even the agony of losing your luggage is not a problem anymore. You’ll be more relaxed while traveling until you reach your destination.


You can even take your pets

If you’re a fur mom or a fur dad, your greatest concern when traveling is your fur babies. Traveling on a private jet is the best choice for you! Unlike on commercial planes where your pets were needed to be placed in the cargo area, in a private jet, you can have your pets in the cabin, sitting comfortably right next to you! Just as safe and comfortable as you are.

Now you know why people choose to travel privately on a jet. We hope that you will consider the facts above on why people choose a private jet over a commercial plane on your next trip. For bookings on your next travel, you may contact us at jetonset.com. We are hoping to see you on your next trip!