A private jet is an aircraft created and designed to transport small groups of people from one destination to another. A person may choose to fly private for various reasons, and you’re about to have your first private jet experience as your company thanks you for your hard work. Traveling on a private jet is undoubtedly something to look forward to, and you must admit that you can feel a little intimidated as a first-timer. Private jet flights are known for being more luxurious than commercial flights because of their price, amenities, and services.


How Private Jet Flight Differ from Commercial Flight?

Both private and commercial flights can bring you to the destination you want to go to, but they have a lot of differences. Commercial flights have long waiting hours due to their highly secure boarding process. While on a private flight, it is much faster and more convenient. When flying private, you have greater flexibility regarding your takeoff time, as you can schedule takeoff at the exact time that works for you. Private flights give you privacy, more space, amenities, and faster travel than commercial flights. As for their price, commercial flights are more affordable than private flights.


Dos and Don’ts When Flying on A Private Jet

Flying private will give you the most comfortable and convenient travel experience. As a first-timer, it’s best to be prepared because unwritten rules and etiquette should be followed, and knowing about them in advance is better. Here are the Do’s and Don’ts reminders that will make your trip more enjoyable.



DOs …

  • Arrive on Time

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It is considered rude and inconsiderate if you arrive late and unprepared.


  • Bring IDs and Documents

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You must have your IDs and documents ready for review.


  • Dress Appropriately

Private Jet Plane: The Must-have of Every Ultrarich On Earth

Avoid being overdressed. Choose the right attire that is appropriate for the occasion. If it is for a business trip, you should wear business attire.


  • Behave with Decorum

Private Jet Plane: The Must-have of Every Ultrarich On Earth

Don’t show everyone that it’s your first time on a private jet. Keep your cool, and don’t compliment things around you too much.





  • Overpack

There are weight restrictions, and having more bags than the host will make one look unsophisticated.


  • Hoard Snacks

It’s not the right way to travel with super meals or heavy foods on a private flight. Small snacks like candy would be fine.


  • Give Tip

Giving the pilot or crew a tip would be offensive to the host.


  • Wear Strong Scents

Avoid putting lotion and perfumes with a strong scent, as it may irritate some people on the flight.


  • Carry Your Own Luggage

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A ground crew will carry your luggage.




From business owners flying to their next meeting to families going on their next vacation, many people rely on air travel as it can make the difference between having an excellent experience and having an ordinary one. Flying on a private jet will enable you to save hours and ensure privacy, comfort, luxury, and safety against viruses or transferrable diseases. However, flying on a private jet is intimidating for some people, especially if this is their first time to the point that it would give them pressure while thinking about how to do the proper etiquette when flying on a private jet. But being well-informed and prepared for boarding is a great move to enjoy the rest of the flight.


Bottom Line

It is easy to have your air travel experience that depends on what you prefer. With the knowledgeable, well-experienced, and trustworthy team of JetOnSet, your dream luxurious air travel experience will be a dream come true.