When choosing your private jet, many factors come into play. Many qualities, such as the plane’s proven track records or retaining value, fuel efficiency, and durability, are very important and need to be considered when selecting a private jet, as well as your finances and the plane’s affordability.

To keep all things simple, we have listed the cheapest private jet in the different categories so that you can get a better idea of the purchasing price range for all of its different options. Note that the prices may vary if you’re purchasing a brand new, a secondhand, or just renting it.


  1. Cirrus Vision Jet

From the family of very light jets, the small but mighty Cirrus Vision Jet is the cheapest private jet on the market, with a price of 2 million dollars. This private jet is the world’s first single-engine private plane and is powered by a Williams International FJ33-5A turbofan engine and produces 1800lbs of thrust. It took 10 years before this aircraft was designed and built, and it has a unique V-tail instead of a traditional rudder.

This also features a spacious cabin that measures 4ft tall and 5ft wide with large windows and seating for up to five adults and two children. Its luxurious amenities include an in-flight entertainment system, mood lighting, and USB charging points. The Cirrus Vision Jet also boasts a flight envelope and a parachute system for emergencies, which will ease passengers when traveling.


  1. Cessna Citation CJ3+

The price of the Cirrus Vision Jet is tighter than a Cessna Citation CJ3+, which costs 8.3 million dollars. This plane was launched in 2014 in a new and improved version and was named the “best of the best” in the light jet category. It has a more comfortable cabin and an upgraded Garmin 3000 avionics system. It is certified for a single-pilot operation and has an impressive wingspan of 54ft., designed for extra lift but less drag.

This private plane can accommodate up to 9 passengers and comes in six design themes and features 14 large windows, swing-out seats, led lighting, Wi-Fi, and a standard lavatory. It also has a maximum range of 2,040 nautical miles, a luggage capacity of 1000lbs, and is much cheaper to run than its closest competitor, the Embraer Phenom 300.


  1. Cessna Citation XLS+

The Cessna Citation XLS+ is the world’s best-selling private jet which can be yours at 13 million dollars. This versatile aircraft was launched in 1998, delivering high performance on short and long-haul flights. This aircraft can also take off from shorter runways and has a state-of-the-art Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics system.

The cabin of the Cessna Citation XLS+ comes in six color schemes and is the largest in its class. Passengers of this plane can relax with its fully reclining leather seats, fold-away tables, entertainment systems, and Wi-Fi. It has a capacity of 9 passengers, a galley for food preparation, and 800lbs of baggage capacity.



  1. Cessna Citation Sovereign+

Cessna Citation Sovereign+ is the most affordable super-mid-sized jet available today, costing around 18 million dollars. This private plane is known for its excellent runway performance and shortest take-off among private jets in its class. It is also powered by powerful Pratt and Whitney PW306D turbofan engines and a 22.05-meter wingspan.

It can accommodate 12 passengers in complete luxury with various configurations, including an optional couch. It also has new recessed armrests for extra aisle space and a Clarity Cabin Technology System for in-flight internet.


  1. Embraer Legacy 650E

The luxurious Embraer Legacy 650E comes in at 25.9 million dollars, the cheapest private plane in the largest category. The “E” in this plane stands for evolution, and the model certainly offers that with two Rolls Royce engines and Honeywell Primus Elite Avionics.

This plane has a 12-13 seating capacity in three separate cabin zones, allowing some to work and others to sleep comfortably on leather seats. There’s also broadband, an Apple TV, and worldwide phone service, as well as multiple configurations, including a conference table for those traveling for work.


If this isn’t the kind of investment or expenditure you can make, you may at least try to private jet charter and plan your next business trip or family trip. Contact jetonset.com for more information about the private jet lease and get the most affordable offer today.