Private Jet flight offers luxurious, comfortable, and convenient air flight travel at a worthy price because of the amenities. And an air flight journey in a private jet with kids is one of the most unforgettable experiences a parent could have. With kids on the flight, a tantrum-free moment is impossible, especially when the kid becomes fussy. However, on a private jet, the possible difficult situation on the flight will take away as everything your family needs, even the services, is all set and ready for you.


What Age Does Private Jet Flights Allowed Kids on Board?

There is no age limit for kids to board in an air flight; even newborn babies are allowed. The only thing that will change is where they are allowed to sit. The baby can travel while on the mother’s lap until the age of two. You can take a child seat or booster seat with you for comfort, or the charter staff will arrange it for you to have them on your aircraft. The law will then require kids over two years old to have their own seats.


Tips To Remember When Flying on A Private Jet with Kids

Flying on a private jet is an experience to look forward to. However, flying with kids might be either fun or a nightmare. Here are the ways that you can prepare to make your air flight travel more fun and comfortable with your kids.


  • Book your flight in advance

This will give plenty of time for the jet charter service to find the right plane to serve your family needs and make your departure and arrival a smooth transition.


  • Organize your luggage

This is to make your essential needs, such as diapers, wipes, milk, etc., accessible.


  • Teach your child the appropriate behavior inside the jet

This is to build what the kids should expect during the flight and to avoid unnecessary incidents.



  • Communicate with the jet charter service

This is to inform the charter crew of your needs, like asking them if you can be able to park your car close to the jet so you can bring your child’s seat or stroller on board.


  • Bring your and your kids’ IDs and documents ready to review.

A charter staff will ask you to show them your ids or documents to ensure everyone’s security.


  • Pack handy toys

This is to help soothe a kid with tantrums or to destruct a kid when bored. Avoid toys that are dangerous or can cause a mess.


Additional Reminders:

  • You and your child should dress appropriately.
  • Have your children go to the bathroom before they board the private jet.
  • Follow the rules of pilot and jet charter staff to maintain comfort and safety.
  • Make sure everyone is hydrated during the flight. Dehydration can cause a fussy child.



Bottom Line

Traveling with kids is one of the tough experiences a parent could have. However, flying on a private jet will give you a new travel experience that will look like a dream. Everything you need on your flight is all set, and you will just focus on how to make yourself and your kids enjoy while on the flight.


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