If you are a traveler who loves and affords to travel privately every time, or if you are interested in booking a private jet charter, it will be convenient for you to learn where are the locations of the top private jet airports and terminals, which is not available for commercial plane rides.

Here’s a list of airports where private jets were only allowed to arrive and depart at any cost; hassle-free, time-consuming, and giving more privacy.


Paris Le Bourget, France (IATA:LBG)

Paris Le Bourget airport opens only to general aviation and is best known for hosting the Paris Air Show biannually, situated 11km northeast of Paris, significantly closer than Paris De Charles de Gaulle and Paris only. This airport is also known as the busiest European Airport in private aviation, handling 54 971 fixed and helicopter movements; in 2013, has three runways that could cater to all types of aircraft. More importantly, this airport boasts more FBO or fixed-base operators than any other general aviation airport in the world for its highest levels of comfort and efficiency that one could plausibly expect.

These include:

  1. Advanced Air Support
  2. Dassault Falcon Service
  3. Jetex
  4. Landmark Aviation
  5. Signature Flight Support
  6. Unit – Abelag
  7. Universal Aviation Finance



Teterboro Airport, New Jersey, United States (IATA: TEB)

The Teterboro Airport is located 19kms away from Midtown, Manhattan, which, when you consider the huge scale of the urban area of New York City, makes this airport incredibly convenient for passengers traveling to the Big Apple by private jets. This airport maintains a weight limit of 100,000 lbs per aircraft, limiting traffic to general aviation.

Teterboro Airport features the Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey, in its ground, a museum that highlights and honors the aeronautical achievements of the country’s pilots and displays extensive aircraft models that add up to the historic space and air equipment. This museum also holds 4000+ aviation videotapes that amuse most travelers and gives them enough reasons to arrive and depart at Teterboro Airport.

This airport has five FBOs ensuring all the whims and requirements of the outgoing and incoming passengers.

These were:

  1. Atlantic Aviation
  2. Landmark Aviation
  3. Jet Aviation
  4. Meridian Teterboro
  5. Signature Flight Support


London Luton Airport, UK (IATA: LTN)

Although it seems further from the city center of London, this airport is only 2 miles away from junction 10a on the M1, which means that for those arriving at Luton by private jet, there is very quick access to the city center by car. Equally, there is a train service directly from this airport to London St. Pancras Station, which will only consume 30 minutes of travel time.

This airport is the busiest private jet airport in the UK, despite also being an active commercial international airport. There are three FBOs on-site to service all general aviation traffic, allowing all corporate or VIP passengers to transit to the airport conveniently and efficiently.

The FBOs were as follows:

  1. Harrods Aviation
  2. Landmark Aviation
  3. Signature Flight Support
  4. Van Nuys Airport


The Van Nuys Airport is the most well-known in general and private aviation in terms of general awareness amongst the wider public. This airport is situated in the northwestern city limits of Los Angeles in San Fernando Valley and was featured in many films and TV shows, and became the gateway to Hollywood for many film stars and celebrities as it is just a 20-minute drive to Hollywood or a 20-minute drive to the center of Los Angeles.

It was the busiest airport in the world for private aviation in 2013, having approximately 260,000 movements. Four FBOs are present at Van Nuys, fully equipped to service all flights in and out of the airport.

These are:

  1. Signature Flight Support East
  2. Signature Flight Support West
  3. Castle & Cooke Aviation
  4. Clay Lacy Aviation


Dubai World Central / Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai (IATA: DWC)

Over the recent years, travelers via private jet had only one question: Where to land in Dubai? In 2014, the only choice for them was the Dubai International Airport. However, because of the fast movement and the emergence of Dubai as a global aviation hub, efforts have been made to ease the volume of traffic heading to Dubai International, and Dubai World Central was established.

There were four FBOs present and operating at Dubai World Central, where there is no room for lowering standards regarding the levels of luxury, pampering, efficiency, and comfort offered to those passengers passing through the terminals. In fact, with more space and less traffic, incoming passengers will experience fewer queues and fewer delays, meaning it is very plausible that those flying into Dubai World Central will be able to travel to the center of Dubai more quickly than from Dubai International, despite its farther location.

Currently, the FBOs present at Dubai World Central include the following:


  1. DC Aviation Al-Futtaim
  2. ExecuJet Middle East
  3. Jet Aviation Dubai
  4. JetEx Flight Support


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