Riding a private jet is not common among all types of people. Because of its luxurious ambiance, it is said to be truly expensive, which is why most people cannot afford it. Even so, we all want to know what is inside a private jet and what it feels like when riding one. Here are some facts that some people may not know about private jets.


Private Jets land in smaller airports, inaccessible for larger aircraft

Because it is a smaller type of aircraft, private jets have access to several types of airports, many times higher than the airports commercial planes have access to. This does not even include the places where a private helicopter flight exists.

This factor of private jets becomes even more relevant in cases where someone needs to go to hostile or very remote areas that cannot be reached by commercial planes, a worldwide trend.


Private Jets has the cleanest air quality in aviation

Do not forget to care for Mother Nature. Instead of booking a commercial flight, travel on a private jet while helping to conserve our environment. Not only are private jets set up with HEPA filters or a completely open-air exchange (no filter needed), but their cleanliness exceeds commercial aircraft on many grounds. They carry few people, have longer downtime trips, and often keep their air exchanges on full blast as soon as passengers get on board, unlike commercial and bigger aircraft.


Private Jets not only allows CEOs and celebrities to fly with them

Over the years, studies show that 85% of travels on a private jet were booked by middle managers, staff, marketing and sales personnel, and many more. This shows that its economic impact would not be as large as today if only CEOs and celebrities were able to travel on a private jet.

The price of traveling for a group of 5-10 people has become more affordable, and many companies have become aggressive in taking the offers and advantages of those synergies.


Private Jet users in the corporate world have a more competitive advantage

In the US, 98% of the Fortune 500’s most admired companies use private jets for their corporate meetings and deals. This goes beyond the top tier — 45 % of these companies that uses private jets have less than 500 employees, which means that they are not those pretty large companies that you were expecting to ride on a private jet.

Even more interesting is that companies that use aviation services privately outperform those that do not by 70%. They produce more sales, 23% higher than those not using business aviation services.


Private Jets save lives

This is not surprising, as private jets are the first responders to disaster scenes anywhere in the world. Life-saving air transportation is the most convenient type of rescue, especially in times of public need, such as fire and rescue and medical evacuation services.

Private jets not only portrays, lead and deliver relief and rescue missions, but they also lead humanitarian missions wherein they conspire with a certain company and help them conduct their social responsibility to their company.


Flying on a private jet is cheaper than flying business class on a commercial flight

This may sound impossible, but booking a private jet might be cheaper than booking individual seats in business class on a commercial aircraft when traveling as a group. When you add up the ticket fees, additional fees like baggage expenses, and the food and drinks you pay for on your flight, traveling on a private jet with your group may be cheaper, less hassle, and a better option.

As you can see from some of the facts shown above, there are a lot of misconceptions people have about traveling in a private jet, but the matter is simple — it is the most convenient, stress-free, and comfortable way to travel. They have enormous value and make both business and leisure travel more enjoyable.

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