Ever dreamed of having your private jet? Start working hard today as these celebrities did! Although owning a private is a staple asset, not all of these jets were created equally, and some are literally and inevitably more impressive than others, and of course, they have different prices. Below are some celebrities who bought private jets that they used for business trips and leisure across the globe.



Neymar is a famous PSG footballer in France who is well known for having his private jet. Indeed, he owns a 10 million euro private jet and even had his initials engraved on the plane’s tail! His jet can carry 12 passengers on board and reaches a top speed of 890km/h. Having this private jet makes him easier to travel to his family worldwide.


John Travolta

The ever-good-looking John Travolta is a real aviation enthusiast. He is known worldwide for being an airplane pilot and has owned several airplanes for years! He also lives in a private airport, where his Boeing 707 is stored next to his home. But these planes weren’t used just for leisure and a good time. John Travolta has used them for charity work for several years, and he is piloting all those flights.


Kim Kardashian

The most influential woman today — Kim Kardashian become a real businesswoman and finally owns a private jet! She has been traveling on a private jet during her vacations, but she used to rent it before. Now she bought her private jet, with a bedroom and a bathroom, so she can travel whenever and wherever she wants with her whole family.


Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has a private jet but has been a pilot since age 65. His private jet costs around 8 million dollars, and it’s called Syberjet SJ30. It is also noted that last 2015, he had an accident with his private plane because of a burst tire on takeoff. After that incident, his plane was no longer safe and could fly.


Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is a proud owner of several airplanes, including a helicopter. Many people define him as a very good pilot and very attentive. The most expensive plane in his collection is the Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign. Because of his amazing skills as a pilot, he also introduced his children to aviation through an association.


Tom Cruise

The very famous Tom Cruise owns a private jet too! He is the proud owner of Gulfstream IV, worth 35 million dollars. This private plane can carry up to 19 passengers, all in exceptional comfort! He also purchased a 2001 American WWII fighter P-51 Mustang which cost 4 million dollars and was used by the actor when traveling with his friends.


Beyonce and Jay Z

The power couple, Beyonce and Jay Z, travels worldwide, which is why they needed an airplane capable of flying large distances around the globe with sufficient luxury. When they started touring the world, Beyonce had an exceptional gift idea. She gifted her husband, Jay Z, a Challenger worth 40 million dollars! A very expensive and luxurious gift, indeed.


Bill Gates

The famous founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is also a proud owner of a private plane. He decided to buy a Bombadier 700 Global Express and even named it “Guilty Pleasure.” This plane’s estimated cost is around 40 million dollars, and it has a capacity of 19 people. It also has a kitchen and a rest area for its crew.


Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is an owner of a unique aircraft. Its design is very personal, and one can recognize it easily in the air and on the runways. He chose this design as this pattern was the same as his favorite pair of sneakers, and the Jordan brand logo is also painted to remind him of what he has achieved in his life.


Taylor Swift

The pop star, Taylor Swift, chose to put the number 13 on the front of her private jet because it is her favorite number. The celebrity opted for a rather sober private jet, which is far from extravagant, but more than enough when she goes to her concerts. Even though she has many guitars, they all fit in her private jet, which is why she loved it most.


They were celebrities who worked hard for their careers for several years to fulfill their dreams and goals in life. Be inspired by their stories, set this as an inspiration, and continue to aspire until you reach your stars. But for now, before owning a private jet, dream of riding one first, book your next private flight with JetonSet, and experience flying differently.