Traveling is a necessity. People do it for a variety of reasons. Both work and vacation require people to go from one place to another.

As it happens, one of the best ways to travel is by plane. An airplane ride will take you to your destination in a shorter time than it would take you if you drive all the way through. 

Furthermore, flying is recognized as the safest way. It accounts for only 0.07 deaths for every billion miles traveled. There are definitely no road accidents when riding a plane, and a plane crash is an infrequent occurrence. Thus, many people opt for it. 

However, that does not mean air travel is hassle-free. The moment you decided to book a flight, it could start stressing you out. Then there are expensive extra fees, queueing in the airport, and other things you should think of. The whole process could be convoluted and inconvenient. Needless to say, it is not an experience you would look forward to having. 

Affordable Private Flights

Private Flights As The Superior Option

Work could be stressful enough. So, you would not need more things to make you feel more tired. Then, of course, if you are having a vacation, you would want the whole day to be as relaxing as possible. With that said, the part where you fly could be your least favorite part of the experience. Navigating crowded airports and being cramped in airplanes that seem to contain the same amount of people does not sound appealing in any way. 

Thankfully, there is an alternative and a much desirable option. Instead of booking a flight on commercial airlines, you could charter a private jet. Admittedly, that would be more expensive. But, if you weigh the benefits, you would see why you should prefer it over the other. 

Unlike commercial airlines, everything is streamlined in private aviation. From booking to the flight itself and up to landing at your destination, you would not experience any difficulty at all. It eliminates all the inconveniences you would find in a commercial flight. That is why public figures, celebrities, and business moguls like traveling in style. 

Furthermore, you can experience a luxurious life even just for a few hours when you travel by private jet. How exciting is that? 

During the pandemic, many people migrated to flying private. It is because private flights offer more protection against the coronavirus. And now that they got a taste of it, most likely, they will not go back to commercial travel. It is highly recommended that you join them. 

Affordable Private Flights

You might still be hesitant, even after learning how much better private jet travel than a commercial flight is. We are talking about money, after all. Thankfully, there are services that make private jets more accessible. 

Founding Of JSX

Alex Wilcox is the creator of JSX – an award-winning hop-on jet service. Before that, he worked at Virgin Atlantic Airways and then in Kingfisher Airlines, where he became resident and COO. He also became a founding executive of JetBlue Airways. His company JSX allows ordinary people to experience private jet travel for an affordable price. He created the company out of his own frustration. 

Wilcox says that he hated flying short distances. Aside from the terrible service, he does not like feeling like cattle with the crowds. Furthermore, there were people charging him every step of the way. All people would relate to the frustration that would cause. He even said that if you factor in the waiting time in the airport, it could be faster to go by car. “You had to spend 90 minutes at an airport for the privilege of being sardined into a jet for 45 minutes,” he said.

He thought things could be better. And since he had the power to make that change, he had to act. Not just for himself but also for the other travelers. 

And what a fantastic idea he had. JSX is the realization of a dream to travel conveniently without having the need to spend a fortune. American business magazine Fast Company recognized JSX as one of the “Most Innovative Travel Companies of 2020.”

The JSX Experience

The hop-on jet service is a hybrid between private jet and commercial flights. In Wilcox’s words, JSX fuses commercial flights accessibility and cost efficiency with private aviation’s ease, time efficiency, and elevated experience.

What exactly does that mean?

Like in commercial airlines, people have to buy airline tickets from JSX. The dissimilarity is, JSX caps the number of passengers per flight to thirty. This ensures that passengers will get enough space and legroom in the airplane. Additionally, there will be no overhead storage bins, further amplifying the cabin’s spaciousness. 

JSX’s service is also different from typical private jet services. The flights are scheduled in advance on a set route map, rather than having the client decide the time and destination. 

Affordable Private Flights

But that’s about it. Aside from that, the experience is the same as a typical private jet flight. Passengers are seated in comfortable leather seats, and there are power outlets in every row. There is also a complimentary bar with gourmet snacks, beer, and wine. The flights also depart from private terminals or FBOs. Unlike in commercial airports, passengers can arrive here twenty minutes prior to boarding. It also means passengers would not need to wait in line in congested airports. 

Because of JSX’s model design, it preserves the COVID-19 protection offered by private aviation. In addition to keeping the hangars and planes from being jam-packed, JSX has rigorous cleaning protocols, surface sterilizations, and AI-enabled thermal screening. To reinforce that protection, JSX launched the “Simpli-Fly program” in May. It is a three-pronged protocol that enables new sterilization and contact-less protocols. 

“No lines, no crowds, no hassles,” JSX says on its website. 

Currently, JSX flies between Burbank, Concord, Las Vegas, Oakland, Orange County, Phoenix, Reno-Tahoe, Dallas, and Houston. Starting from $99, you can air travel like a celebrity.

Hopefully, more companies like JSX pop up around the world.