The partiality between the haves and the have-nots has rarely been more obvious, and a bunch of crazy private jet stories is proof of the ever-widening gap separating the super-rich from the rest of us. Common people consider airplanes a mode of travel and a convenient way to get from point A to point B.

On the other hand, the wealthy consider planes – private ones, at least – their castle in the sky. To them, a private plane is just another luxury thing to be purchased, used, and gotten rid of without much hesitation. It would be frustrating if some of these stories weren’t so deliciously, ridiculously pleasure-seeking.

The crazy things for which people have used private jets may have, at one time, been surprising, but in a world owned by the few, these stories are common. If you have enough money to book an aircraft all to yourself, bizarre private jet requests don’t seem so astonishing.


A Woman Hired a fireman to be onboard for the entire flight

A cake without candles wouldn’t be a birthday. A rich passenger was flying to Florence, Italy, for her 50th birthday. She reportedly planned to start celebrating before the plane landed. She wanted a birthday cake with 50 candles to be presented on the plane. There was just one problem: the open flame is not allowed on planes, so she hired a fireman to be onboard for the entire flight.


Ariana Grande flew her pets to Glasgow on a private plane

In 2019, Ariana Grande was said to have jetted her pooches Toulouse and Myron to a Glasgow hotel on a private plane, so they could be with her during her European tour. The pop star treated them to their own room at the £2,500-a-night penthouse suite she was staying in. A source said: “She jetted the dogs out from Birmingham, and they got there three hours before she arrived.”The dogs were given tartan collars to mark their time in Scotland and were looked after by a minder until Ariana turned up.


Mom and Dad Sent A Plane Full Of Balloons To Their Kid Who Was Away At Camp

A child’s first time at a sleepaway camp can be difficult and scary. But if your parents are rich then they know what to do so you can be reminded that your family hasn’t forgotten you. This was the case for one future heir when their parents booked a private plane to visit them at summer camp. But the plane didn’t carry the parents. It was just a cabin full of balloons, sent in the hopes of easing the child’s homesickness.


A Lady Once Booked A Jet For Her Cats

The flying experience can easily become overwhelming, perhaps more so if you’re a pampered pet used to a lavish lifestyle. One lady once booked an entire private jet for her three cats. What’s more, these cats didn’t even come out of their crates for the whole period of the flight between Kansas and New York.


Santa clause And His Sleigh To Take Off Just Ahead Of The Private Jet

Christmas trees have become the most requested item for rich private jet passengers. In one instance, a flyer demanded a little decorated tree, complete with gifts underneath, be onboard during the flight. The request was honored, and they provided a small Christmas tree decked out with weights, so it didn’t wobble during the travel.

Meanwhile, a passenger ordered Christmas trees on the tarmac at takeoff and landing. And perhaps most extravagant of all, a couple arranged for real reindeer and Santa’s sleigh to be taking off from the tarmac at the same time as their private jet was departing so that the children would think their plane was following Santa to the North Pole.


A Private Jet Featured Live Opera Music

An anonymous celebrity couple once took to the skies for no reason other than leaving the solid ground for a while. During their six-hour flight, this couple engaged in all sorts of luxury, such as performances from an opera singer they brought along for entertainment.


A Frozen Turkey Flew From Dubai To Saudi Arabia

A retired private jet attendant has dished on some of the wildest experiences she had during her years of serving the very rich and famous. She recounts a passenger asking for “pointed strawberries,” which were definitely a challenge to procure, but her most stressful memory is the Thanksgiving flight from Dubai before which she had to somehow find a frozen turkey in the almost turkey-less city of Dubai. It had been requested to arrive in Saudi overnight, still frozen


Pizza Delivery On A Private Jet

It’s safe to say that so long as you have the money to fork over, you can get anything you want on a private Jet. Pizza delivery, for example, is much more common on a private jet than you first might think. More than any other industry, private jet aviation is centered around customer service, designing trips specifically around the needs of the passenger.


A Passenger Booked A Private Plane For Her Divorce Papers

It’s the ideal definition of First World Problems when overnight shipping isn’t quick enough to get divorce papers to the wife or husband you can’t wait to get rid of. So, you hire a private jet to serve the papers, and this happens in real life. A woman in New York hired a private jet to serve her cheating spouse in Miami with divorce papers, but first, he had to permit the plane to land on his private runway.


Take away

Hard-earned money improves the quality of your life. You just have to know what to spend it on. In the case of the people mentioned above, they used their money on a private jet to take care of their requests in the fastest and most efficient way. After all, it’s their money, and they can use it the way they want to.

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