Nowadays, hiring a private jet isn’t so expensive and complicated. The private aviation industry has been transforming and is trying to make its services and facilities available for all. The numerous benefits the private aviation put it on top of the traditional commercial liners. Its gradually gaining popularity has attracted a lot of private charter jet companies. Furthermore, many private charter services are making huge profits and have invested in more popular trends.


Make The Right Choice

Even if it is not your first time flying, it’s always practical to have a guide to the things that matter when booking a private aircraft. As long as you know what to look for, arranging a private charter flight will be a great and fun experience. It is always wise to practice due diligence. It is the only easy way of ensuring you get your money’s worth.


Things to be Considered when Booking a private jet charter

Making decisions is making choices, so you should consider and compare the strengths as well as weaknesses of each choice. In this way, you can make the right choice and avoid possible frustrations in the future. This being said, it makes it crucial for you to assess the service providers before hiring them. Here are some important things to consider when hiring a private charter company.



One of the things a traveler must consider when booking a private jet charter company is its reputation. Reputation is a useful yardstick for measuring quality as well as the performance of a company. You can easily tell whether a private charter company is worth hiring by checking its reputation. Reviewing a company’s reputation is easy as you can research the industry online. Check their Facebook and Instagram, and read the customer’s or client’s fed back and reviews.



The next thing you must consider when looking for a private jet provider is their service. You can also go ahead and compare the services and facilities being offered by each charter. For example, you can research the kind of fleet they have on hire, speed, and their specs and luxury standards. You can also check the cheapest options they offer.



This is the most important thing to look for since safety is paramount if you are to reach your destination safe & alive. Even though charter companies normally have safety measures, it won’t cost you anything to check them out.


Customer reviews & feedback

Customer feedback is a real indicator of performance and quality. What the customer is saying about the company will help you decide. Clients’ feedback will offer an in-depth overview of the company’s inner workings, defects, disadvantages, and more.


Cost Comparison

As we all probably know, traveling by jet might not be so expensive, but it’s not cheap either, so it is crucial that you take your time to do some research on the jet charter services, packages, staff, and so on. But before going into the company’s services, it is necessary that you compare their prices.



Aircraft insurance might seem like something nobody would overlook. However, if the aircraft is not insured, this could cause passenger problems if anything goes wrong If the operator has Insurance, they must have the certificate of Insurance. On the certificate, you should see the tail number of the jet. Ask to see the certificate and ensure the numbers match up.



If an operator or the jet charter is involved in a lawsuit, then this is a major red flag. In some cases, they will not be at fault. However,  anything that doubts the legitimacy of the aircraft operator must be examined carefully. Ensure the private jet company is not in litigation and has no active lawsuits.


Size of the crew

The private jet charter may have a set crew for each fleet type. They understand the range of the jet, which could affect your trip. For instance, crew members are required to get a 10-hour rest period in each 24-hour cycle. So, if you’re hiring a private jet for a long-haul flight, you’ll need to consider this.


Aircraft’s condition

An aircraft model alone will not give you a complete overview of its present condition. If the operator has been taking great care of it, then these aircraft may have been refurbished – depending on their age. Care to ask whether and when the aircraft was last refurbished. You can also inquire about the precise updates.



Would you like to fly internationally? If so, make sure the pilot has experience. Considering your aircraft’s destination is very important because flights that enter or exit USA must consider aspects like international and customs laws. Should this be your pilot’s first international flight, they may run into problems that could slow down your flights or cause you trouble.


History of accident

If the aircraft has been in more than one accident in the past, this is something you’ll be aware of. There are a few instances where incidents are unavoidable. Whereas in some situations, it may indicate that the aircraft is unsafe. Or that the pilots are not taking appropriate safety measures.


Take away

Careful planning will allow you to get the best deal, not only in terms of monetary value but also in services. Remember that you will be paying quite an amount of cash, so looking for the best deal daily is recommended. It won’t make any sense to pay a lot of money to someone that offers poor quality service & safety. Choose the private jet that fits your needs here at Jetonset!

We are a team of professionals and will ensure that your safety comes first. Book your flight now!